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You are visiting this page because you either viewed someone's MBizCard or found us online while searching for a better way to grow your network. The MBizCard is the product that launched MBizTools and we are excited to help you learn how to network using 21st Century technology. Since you are interested in learning more, let's just dig right in.

The MBizCard was first created in 2012 when we were helping job seekers learn how to take advantage of situations where they met someone who could help them gain employment. It was quickly picked up by real estate agents, business coaches, and public speakers. The rest you can say is "history."

While thousands of people have used it over the last few years, we are now excited to open it up to everyone by offering a way to get started for FREE! Simply select the "FREE" option up registration and you will not be asked for your credit card.


Steve Black has Used Since 2013!

Steve Black as Seen on CBS Fox NBC and ABC

Steve Black is a well-respected business coach and public speaker. He travels the country helping salespeople, real estate agents, and entrepreneurs learn how to grow their business and make more sales. When he came across the MBizCard, he was using another product but liked the customization available through the MBizCard and our forward-thinking philosophy. With as much as Steve networks, we have continued to learn from his users and make improvements. He currently uses the Progressive MBizCard! You can learn more about him and view his card at SteveBlack.biz.

Who should use the MBizCard?

The MBizCard is designed for everyone that uses businesses cards for networking purposes or is in a profession where they are the point-of-contact for their clients. This includes:

  • Accountants
  • Attorneys
  • Automotive Salespeople
  • Business Coaches / Consultants
  • Chiropractors / Physical Therapists
  • Contractors & Repairs 
  • Disaster Remediation Providers
  • Electricians & Plumbers
  • Event Planners
  • Graphic Designers
  • Home-Based Business Owners
  • Independent Contractors
  • Insurance Agents
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Network Marketers
  • Personal Trainers
  • Photographers / Videographers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Recruiters / Staffing Professionals
  • Salons / Spas

Get Introduced to Anyone

The MBizCard has NEVER been easier to share. A special "Share" page has been created for ALL MBizCard users. On this page, anyone that has your MBizCard can now click a button to send an actual intro email, not a generic form submission.

  • Send Intro Email (When a user clicks the large green button on your share page, it triggers their email platform to launch so that an intro email can be sent easily. All the user has to do is add an email address and click send. You will receive the email and can continue the conversation because your email address is cc'd to the message for a proper introduction.)
  • Share by Text Message (It doesn't matter if a user has an Android or iPhone, it is easy for them to click on the link and share your MBizCard by text message. In addition, your "Share" page has a personal text message built into it so you can click a button, add a phone number and click send.)
  • Share by Social Media (The MBizCard is designed so you can go viral. All a user has to do is share your MBizCard URL on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles so their network of people can connect with you.)

Reviews of the MBizCard

With the recent addition of a video review feature inside the Pro package of the MBizCard, we are transitioning from written reviews to video reviews. Below are just a couple reviews from people using the MBizCard. We have more coming very soon!

Features Available with MBizCard!

The features available with your MBizCard are countless. All packages allow you to make sure you never leave home without a business card. With your MBizCard, you can easily connect with anyone anytime. If you want to learn about all the features, then schedule an online demo with a member of our team. We'll help you determine which package is best for you. In the meantime, check out some screenshots of our demo MBizCard below.

Your Individual MBizCard Portal

Features of ALL MBizCards

In order to be THE Mobile Business Card, we had to make sure that when we decided to offer a complimentary version, we did so in a way that you have enough features available to truly grow your business. For that reason, ALL MBizCards (FREE and Paid) have the following features:

  • Easy to SAVE and SHARE: There are buttons on the bottom of every card that are easy to click and allow users to download your MBizCard to their homescreen and contact list. In addition, they can SHARE your MBizCard by sending an Intro Email, a text message, and on social media via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • 1-Click Contact & Directions: Users can easily click a button to Call, Text, and Email you. In addition, if you have a physical address, that map is embedded directly into your MBizCard! For someone visiting your MBizCard from a tablet or computer screen, you phone number is clearly displayed so they can quickly call you.
  • Add Unlimited Website Links and Social Media Profiles: A menu feature is editable for all users. Inside the menu, you can easily categorize and add links to multiple websites, landing pages, surveys, online meetings, and of course your various social media profiles.
  • Edit key information on your MBizCard: In addition to adding website and social media links, you can update your profile picture, logo, YouTube video, and bio section anytime. The bio section even allows you to use Rich Text formatting which means you can use bolding, line breaks, bullet points and much more. Make sure you take advantage of this feature and keep people updated with what's new in your world.
  • Responsive Design: The purpose of the MBizCard is to promote YOU ... not ads or other services. Therefore, we want to make sure that YOU are the focus of your card whether people visit it from their phone, tablet, or computer. This is extremely valuable since you can easily share your MBizCard in the signature line of ALL your outgoing emails. This means people are likely to visit from a wide variety of devices.

Recent BONUS Features for FREE MBizCards!

We just added 2 NEW features to the FREE card!

Edit Color Scheme

Edit Color Scheme

With your Personal or Enterprise account, you can change the color scheme of your MBizCard. This allows you to make sure your MBizCard compliments the brand of your organization. All you have to do is log in to your dashboard, click either the Widget or Row you want to recolor and make the changes as needed.

Save & Access Versions

Save & Access Versions

Sometimes you just need to share with everyone a promotional PDF, Word document, spreadsheet, or an audio/video file. These files are not password protected, but as long as they are under 50MB each, you can upload as many as you would like and add their links to the menu of your MBizCard.

What Upgrades are Available?

We have made sure that the FREE version of the MBizCard is designed to grow your business. But there are a number of other reasons that you should upgrade to either a Personal or Enterprise package. The various features below are available on all upgraded packages.

Custom MBizCard Settings

Custom MBizCard Settings

Want to make your face or your logo an app icon? Want to insert pixel or other tracking codes? Want to update your SEO settings? These are all things you can do when you upgrade your MBizCard. Simply access the Page Settings when editing your MBizCard and make the changes you want.

Add Third-Party Widget

Add Third-Party Widget

You can easily add a secure third-party widget. This could include embedding your shopping cart, custom forms, social media feeds, video playlists, and much more. Simply open the Custom HTML widget and replace the existing code with the code you want to appear.

Create & Access Versions

Create & Access Verions

It is very rare for users to go through an entire year without wanting to tweak some part of their MBizCard. Whether it is because you want to feature a special offer for a product or service or want to share holiday wishes, you can create versions of your MBizCard so you do not need to make all the changes when you want to return to your original design.

Unlimited Video reviews

Collect Unlimited Video Reviews

While you can easily add links to capture written reviews from your menu, there is a lot of value in receiving video reviews. With this upgrade, you are able to capture unlimited video reviews​ and access them anytime so you can share them on your MBizCard, website, or video platform.

Customize Contact Form

Customize Contact Form

The "Connect with Me" form is designed to encourage users to send you a message or share their contact information with you. With your upgraded account, you can choose which fields to display and even add new ones. You can also add other email addresses to receive information when entered or redirect users to a special offer page if they complete the form. Use your MBizCard as the first step of your personal funnel!

Integrate with 1,000+ Apps

Integrate with 1,000+ Apps

One of the best ways to improve your efficiency is to use our Zapier integration with your "Connect with Me" and "Submit New Leads" forms to the various cloud-based applications you are using. This is perfect if you are using a CRM (client-relationship management) platform, an autoresponder to send out mass emails or text messages, or any other application that you use to grow your organization.

$ 9.95/Month
$ 99.95/Year

  • All features mentioned above
  • Collect unlimited video reviews
  • Dedicated affiliate page*
  • Priority, online support

$ 14.95/Month
$ 149.95/Year

  • All Personal Package Features
  • Unlimited, personal MBizCards
  • 30-day trial of MBiz.Pro
  • Zapped Automation course**

$ 199.95 Setup
$ 49.95+/Month

  • All Enterprise Package Features
  • Unlimited, FREE MBizCards
  • 50% discount on all packages
  • Promote YOUR brand

Frequently Asked Questions

If I get an upgraded package, what can I embed into the Custom HTML section?
Great question! You can embed anything you want. Since the site does have a SSL Certificate applied to it, you can safely embed your shopping cart, social media posts, third-party forms, videos from Vimeo or other platforms, and HTML widgets from third-party platforms like Powr.io (provides the ability to embed social media posts, video playlists, forms, image galleries, and much more).

Can I use this with my Google Analytics Account?
Yes! If you are on a paid plan, you can simply add your code to the Header Section of the page. If you would like assistance with this, you can simply send us the UA number and we will add it for you.

Can I see everyone who has downloaded my card?
Not through our dashboard. There are third-party platforms that you can add to the Header Section of paid accounts that help track users. However, we have experienced pushback from people when trying to force a feature like this. For starters, many platforms that allow this require a unique URL to be sent to every different person who views your card. What they are tracking is the data on that unique link. This because annoying to have to track and send for the user and is often more effort than it's worth. The MBizCard provides you with a unique URL that reflects your name and is able to be shared anywhere. The other way of implementing a feature like this is to require users to "log in" when they first visit your card. People are becoming more careful with where they share their contact information. We have found that users are more hesitant to access the cards when forced to log into them.

What kind of results can I expect to get by using the MBizCard?
This question really varies based on the user. We know that answer sucks, but networking is an 
action! Just having an MBizCard but not taking initiative to share it with anyone is not going to do you any good. This is a tool designed to provide value to both you and your network. What you will find is some people will have seen one before and know exactly how to connect with you through it. Others will need to be told why they should use your MBizCard as a means to connect with you and make introductions.

Do you provide training so I know HOW to use the MBizCard?
Yes! We offer two types of training. We have videos on the support page that cover how to make updates to your MBizCard. In addition, we have 3 LIVE Q&A sessions every week where you can get on the webinar and ask questions that will be answered during the call.

In addition, we do offer a special "onboarding" package that enables you to have an online 1-on-1 training session with a member of the MBizCard team! During this training session, we will help you customize the different features (based on your package) so that it drives users to take the action you want them to take. We will record the meeting and show you step-by-step how to make all the changes. In addition, we will provide you personal suggestions on how to use the MBizCard as a resource for growing your business.

Will any offer available at initial registration be available at a later date?
We cannot say that there will never be good offers available, but it is not likely. Any initial registration offer is designed to reward action takers. If you get the free card, you can always upgrade later through the support page, but it will most likely be at the normal package rate.

If I register for a package and a special offer comes along later, can I take advantage of that?
Yes! Any offer we provide is for ALL MBizCard users, not just new users (with the exception of the initial registration bonus). If you are currently subscribed to a package and we run a rare special that is a better deal, then make sure you upgrade through the Support Page. Once we receive your new subscription package we will discontinue your current subscription.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?
Yes! If you are on a monthly subscription, then your card will be downgraded at some point after the end of your current subscription.  Note that your subscription itself will be canceled immediately so that no future payments are made.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
We do not offer one on monthly subscriptions. You do always have the option to start with the FREE card and upgrade at a later date. If you invest in the Annual Subscription and elect to cancel within the first 30 days, we will refund you 90% of your initial payment. This is because Annual Subscriptions provide users with 2 complimentary months.

Get Started for FREE!

* Affiliates receive a page just like this one. As an affiliate, you have a number of options regarding the commissions you earn for referring new users. These range from receiving the commission as an additional source of income or donating your commissions to a not-for-profit organization.

** MBizTools has a 2-hour course called Zapped Automation. Through this online course, which is normally sold for $49.95, you will learn exactly how to use Zapier and thus integrate your MBizCard with over 1,000 online applications. 

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